Brian+Nephew children's clothing, Original and casual trendy

Brian + Nephew Winter 2018 Brian + Nephew Children cloting, Original, a bit stubborn and casual trendy.Brian + Nephew combines above features with quality, comfort and durability.Cool accents for tough boys and a spot of glamour and glitter for the lady girls.The brand has a fresh young Belgian look.Contempory and innovative.Genuine. A fair production is extremely important.Every detail is carefully considered and this results in very stylish designs.Never boring and always with a humorous touch.At the same time lively and mature.A collection ranging form 2 till 18 years, meant for cheerful children eager to explore the world, feeling well and curious.For big personalities, no matter how small, for no-nonsense heroes.Behind the brand is Vlerick Kids Fashion, a Belgian company producing children’s wear for more than 50 years.Every single season Brian + Nephew is designed and finetuned by a passionate team of designers, having many years’ experience in producing the nicest children’s clothes.Brian + Nephew, for lucky kids who dream big !